Questions to pose a newborn photographer before availing their services

In the quest for your professional baby photographer Mumbai, you need to ask as many questions it is possible. If you are well informed it becomes easy to choose them. There is an equal balance of men along with women in this stream.

Beware of cost-effective photographers

Please do not be tempted by availing the services of not so professional photographers, if they offer cheap services. What you pay for in life, you need a true value of it and if someone is quoting a cheap price it has to send alarm bells. In case of newborn photography Mumbai, opt for a professional person, and if someone is good at their job they will command a respect. The cheap ones are bound to falter in their service levels, but the question is would you like one by the way.

Is there an assistant involved?

You can ask the photographer, whether they have an assistant involved who will help them during the course of photo shoots. Though all of them may not have an assistant, but in certain times a second hand may be needed. If there is no assistant, then, who will help you out? The parent! In that case, you need to find out whether you are comfortable in assisting the photographer. If you cannot, the solution is pretty simple, opt for a photographer who has an assistant to help him. The experience of sitting and watching is much more enjoyable, then being part of the process itself.

What is the age of the baby they tend to prefer working with

It is important to establish that the photographer you choose has preferences with regards to the age of the baby. This may sound silly as we are taking about newborns, but the best baby photographer in Mumbai will have a view point in this regard. For most of them it is two weeks after birth as they can capture the magic clicks because the baby tends to sleep most of the time. In case of some it may be less than 2 weeks so that the curled-up poses can be figured out. Some photographers may be comfortable with premature babies and you will not be aware that this is important after the case of the birth of your baby, but just in case it is a question to ask.

How to manage your expectations

You would have gone through the portfolio of images which the photographer would have gone on to create with your baby. Before you avail their services, it is necessary to specify your expectations and find out whether they will be able to match that or not.

Ask them whether you would like to bring your own props or is it included in the cost of photography. Most of the photographers have their extensive selection, but this is worth checking, just to be sure.

The setting

Whether the photographer will come to your place or do you need to plan a visit to their place. If it is the latter, just check out on how the photo studio is. You can review the website of the photographer or even plan an advance visit to their studio. The photographers understand that a newborn photographer session is important and it needs to be relaxed.