Planning for the Unexpected Ride of your Life

Sometimes life throws curves at us we don’t see coming.  The best made plans can be side-tracked by illness or death or some other catastrophe. Before we know it, we’re hastily making plans to be with our loved ones.  Getting there is the only priority but the method to do so can be the obstacle.  There are some cases when flying is out of the questions because the family finances are strained to the max, or the distance is too short for anything but a bus or car ride.  Even under adverse circumstances, there is Groupon with deals that can come through for you to make the worst of times just a little bit easier.  If you need to rush off to take care of a family emergency, or just to spend time with your loved ones, use Groupon to rent a car from Alamo.

Alamo has convenient locations all over the country and can get you on the road faster than anybody in the business.  They keep their fleet stocked with cars for every budget, and will work with you to make sure your reservation is honored and a car is ready and waiting for you when you arrive.  You can get a great deal when you plan ahead, but they are also known for their last-minute specials.  Remember how frustrating it was to change a reservation by phone?  Alamo has eliminated all that with their convenient online reservation system that you can easily navigate to tailor your rental experience to your needs.  And you can skip the counter and go straight to your auto by using their online features as well.  All you do is check-in before you arrive.

They offer other amenities like child safety seats, fuel programs and navigation equipment, toll pass equipment and more.  And their friendly staff is eager to answer your questions if you need more information to make sure you get the most from your rental.  So if life throws a curve at you, you can bend in the wind like the Matrix when you use the services of Alamo, and you save smartly when you use the money saving power of Groupon.

My husband and I were in the midst of remodeling our kitchen and adding a bedroom when we got the news that my father had been rushed to the hospital after collapsing from a heart attack.  Frantic to be by his side with my mother and other family members, I agonized over how to pay for the trip when we had so much on our plate already.  My husband was a so sweet.  He tried to calm me down, reassuring me that we could make it work if he stayed behind to keep the project on track, and I searched Groupon to get the best deals on a flight and rental car.

Just hearing the word Groupon made me pause for a moment.  I’d used the site many times in the past to save money on any number of purchases for items we used for the remodel, and everyday household needs.  We’d even made a habit of trying out new restaurants and breweries using local deals for our weekly Groupon dates.

Sure enough, I found a great deal for Dollar rent a car that shaved 30% off car rentals, and I was able to make all the arrangements smoothly, using my smart phone.   That’s the other thing I like about Groupon, you know you are dealing with the best in the business when you purchase a deal from them.  I’ve never had a hassle with applying a discount, and I often get free shipping on the things I buy.

I got to the hospital just in time to relieve my sister and spend some quality time with my Dad.  My mother was so happy to see me.  I told her we would have more room for them the next time they visit, and that there was another addition to the house we were preparing for.  You should have seen the smiles on their faces when they realized they were going to be grandparents for the first time.  I swear, the look on my Dad’s face would have gone viral if I’d posted a video on Facebook.

Dad was released in a few days and is doing just fine.  I ended up spending two weeks with them, and continued to shop for the remodel right from my phone and tablet.  Thanksgivings going to be at our house this year and you can bet we’ll use Groupon to plan most of the details.